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Welcome to Witch Weaving with Tarot!

When you love Tarot, you love it. It’s like a drug, it calls to you in a way that is almost impossible to articulate, and chances are, if you tried to put that feeling into words, you would sound a bit…. “intense”. Lucky for you, I like intense, I appreciate over the top passion and an excitement that would put a puppy to shame. When it comes to a passion for the cards, I’m right there with you.

Now Tarot enthusiasts like to come at the Tarot from all different angle, some might even say, a point of interest and or raging passion. And why not? Tarot, as we know, is just so damn mailable, its one of the reasons I love the Tarot as much as I do, you can make it fit you and your own personal… proclivities.

Now my personal proclivity is Witchcraft and it is through the lens of the Witch that I approach my Tarot. Those who took my Ritual Tarot course in 2017 will have a bit of an understanding of my approach to Tarot. However, this year, 2018 will see me peel back a few more layers and come at the Tarot from a Wild Witch angle. That’s right mystical moon babes, we are diving head first into Tarot and Witchcraft. Get ready to make it, shake it, weave it, burn it, anoint it and shuffle that deck of brilliance and let it take you for a ride! A ride that takes you over the hedge, into a world of a Witches Magick!

My course will cover the following

  • Introduction to my style of Witchcraft.
  • Introduction to my style of Tarot
  • Elemental overview
  • Elemental meditations
  • Elemental Magick and the Tarot
  • Basic Herbs for witchcrafting
  • Crystals
  • Magickal days of the week
  • Colour magick
  • Choosing the right deck for magick
  • Connecting to your chosen deck
  • Magick enhancing Smudge
  • Blessing and activation ritual (out doors)
  • Welcome your deck into your energy
  • Moon Magick and Tarot
  • Sun Magick and Tarot
  • Spellcraft and Tarot Basics
  • Preparation of Sacred Space
  • Prepare the body (bath, food, fasting etc)
  • Prepare the mind (grounding, centering, meditation)
  • Journey to the temple (meet your sacred space, inner temple, guide)
  • Journey to the underworld (meet your sacred animal)
  • Triangle of Power, meet the Tarot Court
  • The medicine and the madness (upright and reversed card energies)
  • Find the key (the power card)
  • Weaving (stitching together the medicine of each card to create a spell)
  • Raising energy, releasing and the technique of Trending the mill (ecstatic practice)
  • OPTIONAL - Trance dance (yes an actual dance) optional and space required.
  • Chanting while weaving to raise, hold and release power.
  • Archetypes and sympathetic magic
  • Tarot oil, tarot candle, Tarot spoken spell
  • Tarot and the witches wheel, ritual, space adornments and magick
  • Protection magick with Tarot
  • Healing magick with Tarot
  • Money magick with Tarot
  • Love and harmony magick with the Tarot
  • Tarot and spirit work, offerings, connecting respectfully. Spontaneous writing/channeling
  • Respect and ethics, safety, duty of care, mental health.
  • Understanding your responsibilities
  • Knowing when to cast.
  • Giving back, gratitude and saying thanks. Fair exchange.

Be as BOLD as you are BLESSED

Avalon Cameron

Your Instructor

Avalon Cameron
Avalon Cameron

Avalon is a professional tarot reader, teacher of tarot and passionate tarot creator. Avalon’s speciality is Tarot and Witchcraft and she possesses a clever knack for weaving magic and spirit work into her Tarot practice. Avalon is a hereditary Witch and Spirit Worker from Brazil. She now lived completely off-grid in Southern Tasmania Australia, a place globally recognized for its ancient landscapes, deadly creatures and haunting beauty.

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