Ancestral Healing

A Tarot Journey with Jessi Huntenburg

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I've spent the past month filming videos, crafting tarot spreads, and designing worksheets to bring you Ancestral Healing | A Tarot Journey.

In this course, you'll...

~ create a detailed tarot map of your family tree so you can understand your psycho-spiritual and genetic legacy on a macrocosmic level

~ make connections between the "dark" cards of the tarot and events and cycles that govern your family's shadows

~ identify the challenging traits you've inherited and begin the process of breaking the cycle to create a healthier, happier legacy

~ craft and perform a forgiveness ritual so you can release resentment and live in your personal power

~ connect with your ancestors so you can learn, let go, and heal

The course includes eight videos totaling 2.5 hours, five original tarot spreads, 30 journal questions, and five exercises to help you along this journey. I look forward to seeing you at Tarot Summer School!

Ancestral Healing Course Outline

Module One

Video: Introduction + “Drawing” Your Family Tree

Exercise: Family Tree Unconscious/Conscious Tarot Spread + Reading Reflection

Module Two

Video: Skeletons in the Closet—Shedding Light on Your Collective Family Shadow

Exercise: Exploring Family Narratives Through the “Dark” Cards of Tarot

Module Three

Video: Exploring Harmful Dynamics, Patterns, and Behaviors in the Nuclear Family


1. Alpha/Beta Worksheet

2. Well Parent/Unwell Parent Workheet

3. Sibling Rivalry Worksheet (exploring the golden child / black sheep dynamic)

4. Patterns of Abandonment Worksheet

5. Childhood Abuse/Neglect Worksheet

Module Four

Video: Identifying Shared Traits + Breaking the Cycle

Exercise(s): Making Connections and Tracing Patterns + Tarot Reading: "The Sins of Our Forebears" Spread

Module Five

Video: Reframing

Exercise(s): Reframing, Accessing Compassion, Building Acceptance + Tarot Reading: "Working Through Shame" Spread

Module Six

Video: Welcoming the Process of Forgiveness

Exercise: Crafting and Performing a Forgiveness Ritual + Tarot Reading: 'Embracing Forgiveness" Spread

Module Seven

Video: Building Relationships with Your Ancestral Guides

Exercise(s): Finding Your "Feel Good" and "Found Family" Guides + Tarot Reading: "Ancestral Connection" Spread

Module Eight

Video: Celebrating Yourself--Honoring Where You Came From and Taking Charge of Who You're Becoming

Exercise: 10 Ways to Celebrate Yourself

Your Instructor

Jessi Huntenburg
Jessi Huntenburg

Jessi Huntenburg is an intuitive taroist, yogi, and eclectic witch practicing out of Philadelphia, PA. Her approach to tarot is influenced by an academic background in literature and critical theory, esoteric spirituality, and a deep interest in the dynamism of the human experience. Her interest in tarot was piqued around the same time she began performing ritual and meditation, so the two organically bloomed into a dual practice of self-reflection and soul work.

During a period of intense psycho-spiritual work, Jessi felt called to offer her services as a tarot reader to help guide and support others on their journey. Her belief that a personal tarot practice can heal and reveal inspires her to share her knowledge and experience with tarot students and enthusiasts through educational materials found on both her website and Youtube channel.

Jessi contributes monthly tarotscopes to Siobhan’s Mirror and is a co-host of Spread This, Witches, a fortnightly videocast that marries the world of tarot and witchcraft. She’s the founder and administrator of Tarot for Spirit, an online group that explores the intersection of tarot and spirituality, and the author of A Ritual of Forgiveness, a free e-book that details her seven-day process of release and closure. She considers her ability to practice tarot a sacred gift, and is truly grateful to share that gift with the spiritual community. You can learn more about her services by visiting

Course Curriculum

  MODULE ONE | "Drawing" a Family Tree
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  MODULE TWO | Exploring Family Narratives Through "Dark Cards"
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days after you enroll
  MODULE THREE | Family Patterns, Behaviors, and Dynamics
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  MODULE FOUR | Identifying Shared Traits and Breaking the Cycle
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  MODULE FIVE | Reframing
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days after you enroll
  MODULE SIX | Forgiveness and Release
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days after you enroll
  MODULE SEVEN | Building Relationships with Ancestral Guides
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days after you enroll
  MODULE EIGHT | Celebrate Yourself
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