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Develop Your Own Unique Tarot Reading Magic To Help Transform Your Life And Others

Tarot Reader Foundations and Optional Certification


A Unique and Creative Program To Help You Master The Tarot

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Learning The Tarot Doesn't Have To Be Overwhelming…
It Can Be A Fun And Empowering Experience

Explore the Tarot system while building your knowledge and confidence as a reader

Master The Tarot Foundations and Certification is an interactive Tarot experience and a living Tarot book.

It will guide you to becoming your own Tarot authority. At the end you have the option to do a live reading assessment and become certified.

I've created this course because when you have the right guidance and materials, you can fast-track your learning and start feeling confident as a reader.

A module will be released every week for eight weeks and you can work through them at your own pace, while being able to refer back to past materials easily to review specific cards when needed. You can come back to each card and section as many times as you would like.

Your Course Curriculum


Week 1

Laying The Foundation For Great Tarot Reading

Welcome to the incredible world of the Tarot and this program! The beginning of this new adventure is similar to that of The Fool, it’s a new beginning, brimming with possibilities. This week we’ll delve into the archetype of the Fool and their journey.

You’ll also discover the possibilities and limitations of the Tarot, how to prepare for readings and look after your decks. And of course, there are some great practical exercises to kick things off.


Week 2

Develop Your Connection With The Major Arcana (Part 1)

You’ll start this week by learning some tips for reading and interpreting the cards before getting up close and personal with the heavy hitters of the Tarot, The Major Arcana. You’ll get an introduction to the first eleven cards and do some exercises and practical exploration with them.


Week 3

Develop Your Connection With The Major Arcana (Part 2)

Before delving straight back into the Major Arcana, we will take a quick stop to examine Tarot reading ethics and how they apply to you and the different Tarot reading scenarios you will encounter. Then it’s back into exploring the last eleven cards of the major arcana. And, of course they are exercises to do so you learn them inside and out.


Week 4

The Cups and Tarot Numerology

This week, we’ll explore the suit of The Cups and delve into our emotions, relationships, and love through the lens of the Tarot and this suit. We’ll also be diving into numerology, and it’s importance in the structure of the Tarot.


Week 5

The Swords and Card Reading Tricks

The Swords is the realm of the mind, communication, and inspiration. We’ll be covering the colour stories of the Tarot and what the specific colours mean in each card. We’ll also cover deck shuffling techniques that you can practice.


Week 6

The Wands and Predictive Tarot

We’re continuing our exploration of the minor arcana this week with The Wands, the suit of creativity, spirituality, and career. We will also discuss predictive Tarot readings and timing within them. Finally, we’ll look at the connection with astrology and the cards.


Week 7

The Pentacles and Tarot Cards Connections

We conclude our tour of the minor arcana with the suit of The Pentacles which is the domain of money, health, and work. We’ll also look at the connections between cards and what that means in your readings so you’ll understand how cards relate to each other.

Ethony also speaks about her favourite grounding, centering, and protective practices for readings.


Week 8

The Court Cards, Personalities and People of the Tarot

This week we get up close and personal with the Tarot Court cards. You will get to know the most elusive cards in the deck and how to work them to empower your readings. You will then stretch your Tarot muscles by doing peer readings.


Bonus Week For Certification Students

Your Ideal Tarot Clients and Where To Find Them

I will be taking you step by step through the process of identifying your ideal clients, why you may be missing your market and what you can do about it. At the end of the training session you will have a workbook full of ideas and you will be able to implement new strategies and plans into your business.


"I am honored to call Ethony my tarot mentor."

"It is a great privilege to have worked with Ethony this past year. During the course, I had access to comprehensive and accessible content I could work through at my own pace. What really made the difference was Ethony’s warm and continuous support.

She is knowledgeable, honest, and encouraging. Like all readers, there can be days where I’ve felt discouraged in my practice. Ethony reminded me: "You got this. You know your shit.” That affirmation means the world. When I’m asked who inspired my tarot practice, she is number one. I am honored to call Ethony my tarot mentor."

Gianluca Pelagatti

Plus, You’ll Get Access To Unique Study Tools To Accelerate Your Learning


Beautifully design worksheets and homework for each module to help you assimilate the information so you don’t just learn it, you KNOW it.


Digital flip cards to help you memorize the card keywords and meanings.


Access to the student community so you can give and receive free readings, make friends, and ask questions.


The Fool's Journey and keyword quick reference cheatsheets


Tarot meditations and my favourite Tarot spreads resources to help you connect with the cards and improve your readings.

And much more!

Tarot Reader Certification

If you want to read Tarot for other people and build relationships with clients then Tarot Reader Certification includes additional for students, who want to get a certification.

I take certification SERIOUSLY. I will only certify those who are ready because they have DONE THE WORK. If you choose certification, but need to take more time, then we take more time. No mass certification here.

What's included:

  • Five Tarot reading case studies with real people will be arranged for you to complete for your certification
  • Final exam supervised by Ethony where you will conduct a reading for another student and receive feedback.
  • Your certificate mailed to you (worldwide postage is included)


Want extra guidance throughout your certification?

If you want more support, you can sign up for the mentorship package. You’ll get access to the homework portal where you’ll be able to submit your homework for feedback. This will help you adjust along the way and build confidence in your abilities.


"I highly recommend this course if you're serious about expanding your relationship with the Tarot."

"I'm so glad I decided to take the Tarot Certification Course from Ethony! Not only was the course highly informative, the information was presented in creative ways that can appeal to multiple learning styles. Sure, you can learn the Tarot on your own, but this course gives you something to be held accountable to, and you get a chance to build a deep, personal relationship with the cards. It also gives you practical activities that get you to branch out and read for strangers, which definitely built my confidence as a reader. Ethony reads every piece of homework you submit, and she is extremely supportive. She offers insight to help you grow, and she's also a shining light and a ton of fun!"

Amanda Hornberger

Your Tuition

Payment Plans Available


Foundations Only

  • Over 120 video training modules
  • Lifetime access to training and workbooks
  • Study Tools
  • Access to the exclusive online community
  • 5 Tarot reading case studies
  • Final exam supervised by Ethony
  • Your ideal clients and where to find them bonus session
  • Certification


Self Study Certification

  • Over 120 video training modules
  • Lifetime access to training and workbooks
  • Study Tools
  • Access to the exclusive online community
  • 5 Tarot reading case studies
  • Final exam supervised by Ethony
  • Your ideal clients and where to find them bonus session
  • Certification


"I'd highly recommend the Tarot Readers Academy certification wholeheartedly."

"Before taking Ethony's Tarot Certification Course, I was using oracle cards and had a very limited understanding of the tarot system, so the tarot decks I had just sat in the boxes. I felt VERY drawn to the tarot since I was a kid, but was too intimidated to delve in and use the cards for clients once I started doing readings professionally.

When I came across Ethony's course, I felt it was worth the investment and time and I knew it was her absolute passion, so there wasn't anyone better to learn from than her. It was a fantastic baseline for me.

The way she teaches is clear, relatable and easy to understand. The course had enough depth to have a clear understanding of every card without being so overwhelming that I couldn't finish the videos. And after that class, I was able to start incorporating the tarot cards and ended up eventually not only doing much deeper readings with clients, but creating my own tarot course based on the Rider Waite deck a few years later. I definitely believe my tarot proficiency began with that course."

Alison Lessard

Still got questions?

Let me help...

Q: How much experience do I need to do this program?
A: You don’t need any prior experience with the Tarot, just a willingness to learn and a Tarot deck. If you already have experience this course can provide you with structure and feedback to help you hone your skills and step up your Tarot reading ability.

Q: What materials do I need for the course?
A: All you need is a device to access the Tarot Readers Academy, a Rider-Waite Smith based Tarot deck and a notebook that can be used as your Tarot Journal.

Q: What if I don't like the course after signing up?
A: You can request your money back within 14 days of purchasing the course, no questions asked.

Q: Do I need to get certified?
A: No. A certification is not needed to read the Tarot. However, some people like to follow a professional program and have a certificate to show they have done the work. Tarot Readers Academy has been certifying students for over 5 years and ensures certification students have done the appropriate work to become certified.

Q: Are payment plans available?
A: Yes, payment plans are available. Select one of the three payment options and you’ll be given the choice of payment plans.


Got a question that isn't answered here?
Email [email protected] and we'll get back to you ASAP (usually the same day during business hours but may be the next day on evenings and weekends).

About Ethony

I’m headmistress of the Tarot Readers Academy which has over 10,000 students, and I’ve been teaching people to read the Tarot for over 15 years.

I’ve been reading the Tarot for over 22 years for clients all over the world. My award-winning book, “Your Tarot Court” was published with Llewellyn in 2019. I have also created 4 Tarot decks and 3 Oracle decks. I’m headmistress of the Tarot Readers Academy which has over 10,000 students, and I’ve been teaching people to read the Tarot for over 15 years.