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Explore the magical Thoth system of Tarot

The Thoth Tarot is a deep and highly spiritual tool that can be a great addition to your Tarot practice whether you are familiar with other systems or new to Tarot. It is a detailed system designed around the kabbalistic tree of life, astrology, and sacred occult knowledge and working with it can be rewarding and even life changing!

This course is designed to give students background knowledge that will help you understand and use the Thoth Tarot system. Having this background can help you understand the meanings of the cards and help you interpret them and apply the messages you receive to your life. This deck, if seriously studied, can enlighten the student in many areas of life. This Thoth Tarot system course is arranged into modules which include videos, worksheet and activities.

This course includes:

How to choose a Thoth based deck

Understanding where the Thoth came from and what it is

The organization of the Thoth system, what cards are included, and the numbering and order of the cards

How the Thoth cards relate to astrology, the elements, and sacred geometry

The relationship with the Tree of Life and how the cards are organized on it

An overview of Major Arcana, the general meanings, symbols and associations

An overview of each of the suits, the general meanings, symbols and associations

Organizing the Thoth System on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life

Breaking down the Components of the Hermetic Rose Cross on the Back of the Deck

Symbols, Sacred Geometry and Astrology Scavenger Hunt Using your Thoth Deck

Matching Major and Minor Arcana with Card Meaningsk

After completing this course you’ll have gained the confidence to start reading the Thoth system for yourself and others.

“It's a jaw-dropping, intense, amazing class, & I'm barely through the 2nd video. It helps with the correspondences. I can see that readings will have so much more depth in the future. The class was a good choice for me. Thank you for offering it this year!"

- Al Baker



William Brown is a tarot reader and chemistry teacher who combines tarot with his love of science and history. His YouTube channel, “Atypical Tarot” explores tarot, crystals, spirituality and science. However, his main focus is on the Rider-Waite Smith and Thoth system which he has studied extensively for four years. In addition to teaching tarot, he loves to incorporate what he has learned about astrology and sacred geometry to the topics he shares on his channel.

Will currently lives in the mountains of Southern California where he loves to hike and spend time in nature. Meditation and working with crystals helps him to connect with his inner truth and share new and often unique perspectives about the topics he presents.️

“I am currently watching Will Brown's course on Thoth Tarot and I must say OMG, how a great teacher he is? I wasn't even interested in learning Thoth as I am still exploring the RWS, and I didn't know Will before the Summer Campfire, but what a beautiful surprise and what a beautiful course! His course about the Thoth system is comprehensive and has an amazing structure that makes it easier to understand the system (although it looks so complicated at first), but he manages to explain everything in such a smooth and easy way. He really made me want to get a Thoth deck!"

- Farah T




30 day no questions asked refund


30 day no questions asked refund

“I going through the class and it’s soooo interesting. It’s a complete eye opener. It’s just … awesome. Thank you Will and thank you Ethony. Thank you so much !"

- Emily L


Do I need any prior knowledge in astrology, kaballah or Tarot to take this course?

No prior knowledge is required. However if you are familiar with The Rider-Waite Smith system it will be helpful since there are many comparisons made based on their similarities and differences.

Can a beginner Tarot reader do this course?

This course is easy to follow and designed for beginners, especially for anyone interested in growing their knowledge of tarot after learning the Rider-Waite Smith System.

What do I need for this course?

A Thoth Deck (recommended) Crowley/Harris Version

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