The Muses of Tarot Deck Companion Course

Bonus Activities and Tarot Spreads

The Muses of Tarot are 13 divine energies that help you explore and understand Tarot in a magical and profound way for yourself and the people you read for. No matter the question or predicament you come to the tarot with there is a Tarot Muse you can work with to access wisdom, clarity and a glimpse of futures ahead of you.

In this companion course you'll go deeper into working with the Muses with bonus activities and Tarot spreads.

Please note: This course is FREE(!) when you purchase the Muses of Tarot which you will need for the course.

Your Instructor

Ethony Dawn
Ethony Dawn

Ethony is a Tarot reader and author who loves to create more than sleep. She is the Headmistress at the Tarot Readers Academy where she teaches and mentors Tarot professionals and students.

She is the host of Tarot Summer School, an annual program that includes 10+ amazing teachers sharing their knowledge of Tarot, mysticism, witchcraft, and other specialties. She has been a practicing eclectic witch for over 18 years and runs the Awakened Soul Coven, an online learning circle open for any type of witch.

She has published a growing number of decks including the Bad Bitches Tarot, the Awakened Soul Oracle, the Prince Lenormand Oracle, and the Money Magic Manifestation Cards. Her first book, Your Tarot Court, was published by Llewellyn Publications in 2019.

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Ethony Dawn

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