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Did you know your Tarot deck can also be a magical tool that you can use to create powerful spells? Using the meaning, symbols, colours, and other correspondences in the Tarot when you're crafting your spells will amplify your magic. Seeing the cards this way will also help deepen your understanding of Tarot helping to make your readings more accurate.

In this course you will be guided through the steps of creating meaningful spells that actually work and how to add the Tarot into the mix. It includes:

The basics of spell casting

The morals of magic and spell casting

An overview of spell casting correspondences

Visualizations for spell protection

How to create spells from scratch using the Tarot as the anchor

Step by step spells for love, courage, protection, healing, and prosperity

How to personalize other people's spells from books

Troubleshooting your spells when they aren't working

A full colour spell casting workbook and more!

This course is designed for the beginner magic maker who wants to add a little Tarot to their craft and also the experienced Tarot reader who wants to dip their toes in magic.

All you will need is a Tarot deck, some common magical tools such as candles, and sense of wonder!

“This course is a great opportunity to learn new ways to combine your tarot and spellcrafting practices and grow as a reader and a witch. If I had to pick one favorite thing, it would be the snack-sized explanation of the witch's pyramid that Ethony provided. I'm also a sucker for a good workbook."

- Angela F


Course Curriculum


Ethony is a Tarot reader and author who loves to create more than sleep. She is the Headmistress at the Tarot Readers Academy where she teaches and mentors Tarot professionals and students.

She is the host of Tarot Summer School, an annual program that includes 10+ amazing teachers sharing their knowledge of Tarot, mysticism, witchcraft, and other specialties. She has been a practicing eclectic witch for over 18 years and runs the Awakened Soul Coven, an online learning circle open for any type of witch.

She has published a growing number of decks including the Bad Bitches Tarot, the Awakened Soul Oracle, the Prince Lenormand Oracle, and the Money Magic Manifestation Cards. Her first book, Your Tarot Court, was published by Llewellyn Publications in 2019.️

“I’m at the halfway of the course, and Ethony has already covered every aspect I was looking for: crystals, herbs, tarot!! I am super happy about the course + she gives us a written course with almost every video + an amazing appendix! Truly truly amazing course !! Plus she brings her amazing funny personality into it, like seriously, amazing course !!! I cannot say enough how happy and satisfied I am, I can't take a pause from it lol !! It is so structured and organized and full of information, just the way I like it! Plus it is super suitable for a total beginner like me. She makes things super easy to understand."

- Farah T




30 day no questions asked refund


30 day no questions asked refund

“Just prepared my first spell after your course. The preparation already feels different now that I have a better base to work with. Thank you again for your amazing classes and your great support."

- Maz B


How many magical tools do you need to take this course?

There are some everyday items along with your chosen tarot deck that you will be encouraged to use, such as candles and tumbled stones. But, as with all magic you can adapt each spell to use what you have.

How experienced with magic do you have to be to take this course?

This course is designed to walk you through each step of successful spell crafting and casting. You can be a complete beginner with magic or someone who is looking for something to ad to their magical toolbox.

Do you need a specific tarot deck for this course?

No, you can use any of the tarot decks that you have. I do give you some suggestions for decks that I recommend in the course.

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