Past Life Exploration with the Tarot

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If you've ever wondered who you were in a past life and how you can use that information to live your best life in *this* life, you're gonna wanna check out this course exploring past lives with the tarot!

What we will cover:

Court cards to show you who you were

Suits to show you where you lived

Majors to show you major themes, lessons, purposes and karmic cycles

Past life spreads

Tips to boost your clairvoyance

How to still do a bangin' past life reading while you are waiting for your clairvoyant skills to activate

How to use all this information to clear blocks, get rid of old programming and beliefs, to get unstuck and move forward into your best possible future!

See you in class! x

Your Instructor

Victoria Maxwell
Victoria Maxwell

Victoria ‘Vix’ Maxwell is the creator of New Age Hipster, a spiritual home for good witches, lightworkers, starseeds and spiritual seekers. A Priestess for present times, modern mystic and spiritual teacher in converse sneakers, Vix supports her worldwide community in reconnecting to their own light, inner guidance and power through soul readings, courses, online spiritual development circle, spiritual business coven, podcast, blog and social media channels. Vix is the best-selling young adult fiction author of the Santolsa Saga series, author of Witch, Please: Empowerment and Enlightenment for the Modern Mystic published by HarperCollins and the Angels Among Us Oracle by Rockpool Publishing coming July 21.

Course Curriculum

  Getting Ready
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  Exploring the Clues in the Cards
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  Wrap Up
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