A Year and A Day Integrated Spiritual Witchcraft Practice
The first Maiden Circle starts on November 3rd, 2021 and will run for 12 months. Enrolment closes on the same day.

Are you an eclectic witch just discovering the craft, or already practicing your own special kind of magic who is looking for more?


Over the next twelve months, you’ll explore the practice and traditions of witchcraft, trying and applying what works for you as a modern witch.

As a practicing High Priestess who has mentored and initiated many witches over the year my approach is non-dogmatic, eclectic and inclusive. My goal is to help you discover your own spiritual path practicing the craft.

This program is for anyone who wants to establish a regular practice with structured learning and support.



Join us live each Wednesday at 6pm PST. Each call is recorded and available later the same evening for download if you aren’t able to make a live call.


The Maiden Circle Live Call

Every month we have a theme that we delve into together. You'll receive a printable workbook and we'll have a call to go over the material. Keep scrolling for a full curriculum breakdown over the next 12 months.


Full Moon Ritual

Join your fellow witches on a live video call from all over the world to celebrate the full moon and cast a spell with the help of the Goddess of the Month. You'll receive a multi-pages resources that guides you through the ritual.


Witches workshop

Every month we work on a new activity that will enhance your magical practice on a live video call. Past activities have included candle scrying, runes, spirit painting, palmistry, animal guides, and much, much more.


Inside the Witches Circle

Because our coven is made up of eclectic witches, we want to learn from each other. Each month one of our lovely witches shares about their personal practice, regular activities they do, and their favourite resources. Our coven members love sharing and are happy to answer all questions.

Wealth of knowledge & experience

As someone seeking to learn and understand how to develop a practice of Witchcraft, this course was perfect. Lots of learning materials to keep you going and monthly subject matter. There are a couple of online study groups available to attend, and these are non-judgemental spaces where you can be the student and ask all questions you need to help you learn & grow. Michelle's affectionately named "breakfast clubbers" study group catches both U.K & Canadian timezones plus those inbetween.

If ritual isn't your thing, this is perfect to learn with others and follow your own path. Ethony shares her wealth of knowledge & experience along with so many resources to keep you out of mischief. In this day and age to be able to learn from witches online in real time is a truely magical thing. Thank you Ethony 🧙‍♀️



You’ll get access to our awesome group of mentors who are all eclectic witches with at least two year of experience practicing in the Awakened Soul Coven.

The mentors share invaluable guidance and support with the coven. Twice a month, they host study groups to go over the previous and current month's content helping you to "catch up" with the material.

You’ll also get access to the inclusive Awakened Soul Coven online community to get support, make friends and ask questions. The people in this group are a real treasure – fun, supportive, and collectively share hundreds of years of practice.


Such a great program no matter your experience level! I loved the eclectic approach which was really inclusive. Ethony is an amazing teacher with vaults of knowledge to share with the group. The combination of workbook, study groups, and other reading materials for each topic every month help keep you on track and there are always supportive mentors that are accessible for any questions or confusion that come up during the month. As a "newish" practitioner this was a really great decision, as the structure really helped me grow.



Video Training On The Goddess Of The Month

Each month we focus on a new Goddess and her attributes that we want to call into our rituals, activities, and spiritual practice. The video training will help you delve deeper into the Goddess and the aspects of her that you can invoke in your magic and spiritual journey.

New Guided Meditation Each Month

Meet with the Goddess of the month to delve into areas of your life with beautiful guided meditations that you can download and keep. Past meditation topics include protection, boundaries, fears, releasing energetic hooks, meeting your muse, and many others.

Monthly Tarot Spread

Gain deeper insight into your life with a monthly Tarot Spread PDF that builds on the theme of the month that you can download and use whenever you want.

Community Fun

We run regular challenges, pen pals, study groups, gift swaps and much more!

The Maiden Circle Monthly Workbook

You'll receive a gorgeous and printable workbook that focuses on the monthly lesson (scroll down for the full curriculum). These multi-page workbooks can be printed off and added to your witchy collection so you can reference back to the lessons at any time. We'll be going through the contents of the workbook together in our Maiden Circle call.

The Inner Circle Goddess Guides

You'll receive two gorgeous (and printable!) PDF's to assist you in your work with the goddess of the month.

The Goddess Summary is a multi-page PDF that helps you delve deeper into the Goddess and the aspects of her that you can invoke in your magic and spiritual journey. You'll find a spell of the month, correspondences, book list, playlist and much more.

The Full Moon Ritual guide, beloved by coven members, is a multi-page resources that guides us through a collective ritual. Pulling from the Goddess and theme of the month, you'll be left with a sense of magic.


Ethony's knowledge of all things witchy, plus the depth of her compassion for everyone, regardless of sexual identity or skin color, has helped to create an open and fun educational environment that welcomes all people at all levels. She dispells myths and draws on many in the craft who have gone before.

Whether you're an eclectic witch, a kitchen witch, a hedge witch, or a person with a seeking heart, here you will find acceptance. Ethony and her mentors provide a safe and non-judgmental place to learn.

Christine Ashworth


Month One - A Witch's Daily Practice

How you start any journey is important and the one into your beautiful practice of witchcraft is no different - it’s a time for celebration! You are making an amazing commitment to your self-care and spiritual work. The impact of this goes beyond just you. Witches have a long history of being healers, helpers, and custodians of the natural world and the beings within.

This month you’ll learn how to create a strong foundation for your daily practice. You’ll also:

  • Get to know yourself better as a witch
  • Do a dedication ritual where you’ll make a formal promise to yourself
  • Meet the other incredible mentors and witches in your new community
  • Learn about the Book of Shadows and Mirror books and start using them

Month Two - Which Witch Is Which?

There are many different ways to practice the craft. There is no one right way, only the right way for you. It’s not something that you need to feel pressured to figure out, it’s a journey, not a destination. This month we’ll be exploring the different types and traditions of witchcraft. Other topics will include:

  • Debunking common misconceptions about the craft
  • What witchcraft is which and what it can do for you
  • The ABCs of witches tools
  • How to start building your own witches tool kit

Month Three - Protection and Boundaries

The energetic barriers you create helps protect you from people in your life and other entities when practicing your craft. When you don’t have firm boundaries, you leave yourself vulnerable to giving up too much of your personal power. This month we’ll delve into:

  • Protection on all levels - mind, body, spirit, and energetic
  • How to call back your personal power and set healthy boundaries
  • How to build protections into the application of your craft

Month Four - Spellcasting

Let’s face it, casting spells are one of the sexiest parts of being a witch. Being able to set your intention, perform a ritual, and then manifest something into the world is an incredible skill. It’s something to be practiced and perfected while being humble and respectful. The fun we’ll be having this month includes:

  • The mechanics and guidelines of spellcasting
  • Understand what influences a spell and what strengthens it
  • Find out ethics and responsibilities as a spellcaster
  • How to write and cast your own spells
  • Troubleshooting your spells

Month Five - Moon Magic

Moon magic follows the cycles of the moon and uses the energy for your work. While it’s common to acknowledge new moons and full moons with rituals there are also six other moon phases. This month we’ll:

  • Explore the different phases of the moon and what powerful magic rituals can be used for each one
  • Learn how to use the moon’s natural magic to enhance every aspect of your life
  • Receive a full grimoire of moon correspondences
  • Explore the deities that are associated with the moon

Month Six - Nature Magic

Like the moon, the world around us holds potent magic that witches have used for centuries. When we are in tune with nature, we use all the crayons in the box. We maximize our magical potential and are closer to our most natural self. Topics this month include:

  • Sensing and communicate with natural magicks including devas, faes, and the natural world
  • Herbs. The must-haves for the witch, how to harvest them, and how to do spellwork and healing work with them
  • Find out ethics and responsibilities as a spellcaster
  • Spells, charms, recipes for poultices, teas, and tinctures
  • Being a custodian for the natural world around you and how to look after your local parks, gardens, and wildlife

Month Seven - The Wheel of the Year and Sabbats

Witches celebrate their holidays with the seasons and the earth’s natural rhythms. As we mark the days and nights with the solstices and equinoxes, a rich mythological and magical tapestry is interwoven with the reflecting changes in nature. This month we will:

  • Learn the mythologies that take us around the Wheel of the Year and what they have to do with our lives
  • Why and how we celebrate each of the sabbats
  • Recipes, games, activities and rituals for each
  • How to modernize the ancient traditions

Month Eight - The Element of Air and the Witch's Mind

Air is the element we use in magic for new beginnings and inspiration. It is also the element of the intellect and your mind. Because your thoughts create your actions, which then creates your experience, the most potent tool in the witch’s toolkit is the mind. It’s essential to heal, cleanse, and hone the mind so it’s an effective one. Our topics this month include:

  • The power of words
  • Mental hygiene and clean communication
  • Meditation and breathwork
  • Chanting, singing, and music
  • Gods and goddess that are associated with the element of air.

Month Nine - The Element of Earth and the Witch’s Body

In magic, the earth element is the way we manifest from spirit to matter. It’s the great mother and the great healer and the element in which everything grows. It also represents our body. This month we’ll explore:

  • Balancing our home’s energy
  • Altars and shrines
  • Ritual clothing, sacred tattoos and what you wear
  • How to use crystals
  • Our diet, water, and exercise for witch’s wellness

Month Ten - The Element of Fire and the Witch’s Spirit

In the witch’s pyramid, fire represents willpower, daring, creativity and the ability to change. It’s what drives us forward, the blood pumping in our veins, the fire in our belly. Topics this month include:

  • Candle magic methods and spells
  • Blood magic 101 - what it is and whether you should use it
  • Pathworking to meet your matron and patron deities
  • Creativity exercises
  • Crafting your own goddess and god statues

Month Eleven - The Element of Water and the Witch’s Emotions

Water is the element of emotions. It is also connected to intuition, empathic abilities, clairs, and our subconscious and dreams. Since our body is more than half water, it’s a pretty important element. This month we’ll delve into:

  • How your emotions affect your witchcraft and life
  • Healing our past and dealing with grief
  • Dream magic
  • Exploring and developing your clairs
  • Recipes for witchy tea brews
  • A beginners guide to cauldron magic

Month Twelve - Chakras

The seven energetic energy fields in our bodies known as chakras regulate the flow of energy through our energy system. Witches call them psychic centres. All of your senses, perceptions, possible states of awareness, and everything you can experience is divided into seven categories that are associated with each chakra. During our final month, we’ll explore these parts of our consciousness. Topics include:

  • Learning how to open, balance and cleanse your energy centers
  • Using the chakras as a wonderful partner for magic and healing
  • Correspondences, activities, chants and daily chakra work


Includes lifetime access to the Maiden Circle curriculum and 12 months membership in the Awakened Soul Coven Inner Circle


$349 USD


$118 USD per month


My experience with the Maiden Circle has been wonderful! ✨

I began my journey out of curiosity and a strong desire to learn more about rituals, practices, histories, archetypes...everything, lol. I wanted to connect with others and I wanted to have fun, fun, fun doing it! 🥳

Not long after joining, at one of the meetings, a member asked about a personal matter and without missing a beat, Ethony, our mentors and other members responded with words of kindness, compassion and love. Wow, tears were running down my face, I felt that LOVE…it was powerful! ♥️

I am always excited about the topics each month and amazed with ALL the information and support. Never more have the words been more true and encouraged, ‘do you’! I adore ALL of you! Thank you 🙏

Susann C


The Awakened Soul Coven holds the following:

(to be guidance for living a fulfilling spiritual life)

Each Coven member remains responsible for their actions and energy while working with the Awakened Soul Coven.

We acknowledge the Wiccan Rede – ‘If it harm none (including the self) do what thou will’

We acknowledge and understand that we all have different experiences and backgrounds. Discrimination and bigotry is not tolerated in the Coven.

The Awakened Soul Coven is

A circle where you have a guide on your path, are given a road map, exercises, prompts, rituals, meditations and community.

A safe space where we work with making our lives as amazing and magical as they can be. Where you are working with the ideals of self responsibility, self love, care, healing with the foundations of Wicca.

What it is not

A dogmatic, strict circle where there is only one tradition and path. Eclectic Witches unite!

No expensive tools or books are needed to practice magic and be a Witch. I believe that being a Witch is a choice. You may have a lineage that connects back to pagan practitioners but you still have to choose to live your life in a spiritual manner.

Seekers of all backgrounds, gender identity, sexual orientation and geographical locations are welcome.

The Awakened Soul Coven is just what I have been needing in my life

Even though we are all around the globe I feel a wonderful connection to everyone. I so enjoy the full moon rituals as they allow me to make space and take time doing work and connecting with the moon cycles. The exercises done during both the ritual and the Witches Workshops are relevant and a lot of fun! Ethony is really amazing. She’s friendly, easy going and really passionate about her craft. I really appreciate all the work she puts into each and every month, it has really helped me come out of my shell. I also love how she incorporates tarot into each month, the Awakened Soul Coven is just what I have been needing in my life and I am proud to be a part of it.

Susie Gourlay


When does registration open?

October 11th, 2021

When does registration close?

November 3rd, 2021

I'm a part of a religion other than Wicca (Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, etc.). Can I still participate?

Absolutely! Witchcraft is not a religion; it is a practice of manifesting change and working with nature that can integrate with any other religion or beliefs.

Will I be overwhelmed if I'm in both the Inner Circle and the Maiden Circle?

The workload for the Maiden Circle and the Inner Circle are created to run together in a balanced way, you're never meant to feel overwhelmed.

What can I expect in the Maiden Circle program?

In the Inner Circle, we work with a different goddess each month. Three Wednesdays of the month is a live call (that's recorded) - a full moon ritual, witch's workshop, and Q&A with one of our members about their craft. You'll receive PDFs that include a goddess card for your altar, a summary of working with the goddess, a tarot spread, and a full moon ritual. There is also a monthly recorded meditation.

The Maiden Circle is an additional call a month (the other Wednesday) that's about the different elements of witchcraft following a year and a day format of a Coven. It's eclectic, so we pull from different traditions and you get to explore what works for you.

How many live calls are there a month?

There are four live calls a month - one for the Maiden Circle curriculum, three for the Inner Circle. The calls are recorded if you can't make it live. But, don't worry, you do not have to attend every call. You get to choose how you are participating. I would recommend that you attend/watch the Maiden Circle and the Full Moon Ritual calls each month.

I'm a beginner, is the Maiden Circle a good place to start practicing?

Absolutely, we have both new and seasoned witches who are wanting to explore the craft and form their own beliefs. The Maiden Circle is integrated with the Inner Circle for the full year so you'll receive a guided practice every month. This takes the planning and prep out and just allows you to practice.

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