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Collaging the courts is an enriching experience that creates a deeper union with the Tarot court

Collaging the courts can be an enlightening and enriching experience. It can help us to form a better relationship with cards we might feel unconnected to and can provide a deeper union with those we already enjoy. This course will also help a reader to better understand them self, through an intuitive look at the different aspects of their own personality: both in light and shadow.

In this workshop you will learn to use collage to create deeper connections to both your favourite and least favourite cards.

Steven will take you through my own collaged pieces (from start to finish) and will interview tarot students, asking them to share their own working process and feelings about it. You’ll also see examples of my Steven’s 16-piece court decks and a variety of ways in which one can be used.

Collage allows the humblest of artists create beautiful masterpieces. You needn’t be an experienced artist or have fancy and expensive tools to do this. In fact, this course has been designed for tarot readers and designers of every level, from beginner to adept.

“I enjoy that I can go at my own pace. I had to pause my studies for over a month but I was able to pick up right where I had left off with no pressure. I really enjoy the variety of lessons as well as the teachers. Something new to learn in every class."

- Chloe W

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Steven Bright
Steven Bright

Steven Bright is the author of Tarot: Your Personal Guide, The Oracle Creator, and Divination: Your Personal Guide. He is the creator of Spirit Within Tarot and co-creator of Rainbow Kipper, as well as the co-founder and co-editor of The Esotoracle. He is a tarot reader and mentor, based in the UK.




30 day no questions asked refund


30 day no questions asked refund

“I love the extensive, wide variety collection of classes, I love that I could pick and choose which ones were the best fit for me, and I love that I can take my time and work on them as time permits!"

- Jaida W

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