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Get the same depth and quality of insight when you are not only the reader, but the querent

Whether a beginner or a pro, the one very common thread between Tarot readers (besides the love of the cards) is the frustration and uncertainty that comes when reading for oneself. Giving advice, clarity, and providing the occasional “ah-ha” moments may come easy when throwing spreads for the person across the table. But, what blocks us from receiving the same depth and quality of insight when we are not only the reader, but the querent?

Learning to take an “Eso-Practical” approach to reading the cards can open up a whole new world of reading for yourself! This workshop is designed to have fun with Tarot and relate to them as you do to the world around you. Merging the mystical with YOUR life experiences will help to create a more personal connection that is both esoteric AND practical to take the “Huh?” out of personal readings!

Topics include:

The role of BFFs - spilling the tea

How to become your own BFF so you can read for yourself with clarity

An “Eso-Practical” Approach to reading the Tarot

Capital Tea (The Major Arcana)

Little Tea (The Minor Arcana)

The Players (The Court Cards)

Playing around with context in your readings

Working with Tarot card combinations

“V.’s Tea Spread” - for powerful self-reading

“Divine Truth Spread” - for when you need to go deep

“V.’s Tea Spread” - for powerful self-reading

“I enjoy that I can go at my own pace. I had to pause my studies for over a month but I was able to pick up right where I had left off with no pressure. I really enjoy the variety of lessons as well as the teachers. Something new to learn in every class."

- Chloe W

Your Instructor

V. Readus
V. Readus

V. is a "round the way" girl with class, sass, and MAJOR pizazz that just so happens to read cards! She is the Intuitive Mistress behind RedLight Readings and is commonly referred to as “The Tarot BFF”, delivering wisdom and insight through “straight-shot, no chaser” readings. Her BFF clientele liken her reading style to that of a best friend - down to earth and practical, infused with truth and empowering tough love.

V. reads professionally and teaches classes in the Metro-Detroit area and at The Boston Tea Room in Ferndale, MI, as well as online through her online community, BFF Prep.

She also hosts a weekday power hour on Instagram called “Turnt Tea” to discuss tarot, divining practices, and all things intuitive, has been a guest and interviewed on various podcasts, contributed to several written publications, and is working on her first book.




30 day no questions asked refund


30 day no questions asked refund

“I love the extensive, wide variety collection of classes, I love that I could pick and choose which ones were the best fit for me, and I love that I can take my time and work on them as time permits!"

- Jaida W

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