Learn the Tarot Court Cards!

Your recipe for confidently interpreting those elusive Court Cards

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Understanding the Court Cards = Being a more confident Tarot reader!

Learn how to....

  • use fun, creative ways to learn & remember the Tarot Court Card meanings
  • connect with and truly understand the Court Cards
  • use the symbols on each Court Card to unlock its message
  • figure out what a Court Card actually means in the context of a specific question or issue
  • interpret the Court Cards with confidence and ease

Lesson One: Find out what the Court Cards really mean in a reading.

Lesson Two: Meet the Kings, Queens, Knights and Pages! Understand these Tarot characters like never before.

Lesson Three: Understanding the Four Suit energies and their Court Card families (essential knowledge for any Tarot reader!)

Lesson Four: Going deeper into the Court Card personalities. Connect with the Courts in a whole new way!

Lesson Five: Symbols! Symbols! Symbols! Plus, learn two techniques for remembering the court card meanings.

Lesson Six: How to hear what the Court cards are trying to tell you. When you can get the Court Cards to speak directly to you, your readings will come alive!

Your Instructor

Kate (Daily Tarot Girl)
Kate (Daily Tarot Girl)

Kate (aka Daily Tarot Girl) teaches intuitive Tarot reading on her popular website daily-tarot-girl.com and is passionate about inspiring you to use Tarot for personal growth and connecting with the divine. When Kate's not teaching Tarot, she's painting while listening to true crime podcasts, reading smutty paranormal romance novels in her hammock, obsessing about health issues and entertaining her extremely demanding cat!

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