Mediumship and Tarot

Discover the Magic of Mediumship and Tarot

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This fresh. all new course is designed to inspire, enlighten and guide you to deepen your connection with Spirit! By blending the Tarot with mediumship, Psychic Medium Melissa White will lead you through a series of meditations, unique exercises and practical lectures to empower your inner medium.

Melissa works in a gentle, compassionate manner to bring forth the information that you really need to know to develop your own unique connection. Drawing upon the experience of reading for thousands of clients, Melissa offers practical, real-life tips to assist you even when you feel unsure of yourself.

This course is suitable for beginners as well as experienced readers. If you're a newbie, you will gain valuable tools to support you as you begin your mediumship journey. If you're already conducting readings, this course will open up a whole new world of potential for you!

You will receive the following goodies by enrolling in this course: spirit invocation and prayers, handouts, powerful new tarot spreads, plus an audio MP3 meditation track!

Feeling intrigued? Take the leap of faith. You never know what might unfold. If you feel inspired while reading this, you can be sure that it's Spirit's way of giving you a little nudge in the right direction :)

Your Instructor

Melissa White
Melissa White

Melissa White is a psychic medium, spiritual teacher and soul coach. As a child, she always felt deeply connected to spirit but often was confused as to how to express what she saw, felt and knew. It wasn't until a near death experience as a young adult, that she began to truly embrace and start to understand her ability to connect. Later, due to a series of synchronistic events, she happened to attend a meditation class. She didn't realize at the time, but this class was actually a psychic development circle. This experience was a turning point that would change Melissa's world. Within this circle, she was able to discover her abilities which had been kept hidden for so long. She knew from that moment she had found her purpose and felt called to fulfill it.

To develop and expand her skills, Melissa has taken several courses. She has completed extensive mentorship with British psychic medium and teacher Tony Stockwell Throughout this training, Melissa has worked tirelessly to enhance and strengthen all of her psychic faculties while increasing her connection and bond with the world of spirit. Melissa is also part of "Shay Parker's Best American Psychics" which is a select group of double tested and validated psychics proven to be accurate and ethical in their work. Melissa firmly believes in the value of continual learning and enjoys being a student of the Universe. Her time is now spent providing mediumship and soul coaching sessions for clients all over the globe, along with teaching mediumship and intuitive development within Canada and the United States. Melissa is honoured to be of service to this world and the next.

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