Creating Your Own Tarot and Oracle Deck

The Magic of Creating, Printing, Reading With and Selling Your Own Deck

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Have you always wanted to create your own tarot or oracle deck?
Dreams of reading with your own creation, or launching a new deck into the world?

Come join us as we create our own decks and take them from an idea to a printed reality!

Creating a custom deck is a magical experience that forces you to look into WHO you are as a reader, what do you believe as a reader, what symbols are important to you, and what do you look for in a deck?

IMHO, creating a deck was one of the most fulfilling experiences of my tarot journey!

The topics we will be covering in this class are:

Oracle, Lenormand or full-fledged tarot?
Choosing the Theme of Your Deck
Your Artwork
Prepping the Artwork for Print (The tech specs, the pixels and getting your stuff ready!)
To Guidebook or not to Guidebook?

We will also see snippets from other deck creators and learn a little bit about their process!

If you've always dreamed about creating a deck, this is the perfect prep course to get you started. I'd love to have you join!



Your Instructor

Chris-Anne Donnelly
Chris-Anne Donnelly

Iā€™m a brand strategist and a dream builder, and I love helping people to tune into their intuition, find their joy and launch their success! I am also the creator of the Sacred Creators Oracle, and I'm excited to share what I've learned about launching and creating a successful deck. (It was a dream come true, and I fully believe we need MORE MAGICAL TOOLS on the planet!) I'd love to help you launch your deck through this condensed, tarot summer school course!

If you'd like to know more about me or my deck, my website is www.chris-anne.com

Come play in instagram @pixiecurio

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