Anatomy of a Tarot Reading

Practical Techniques for Truth and Insight

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The cards never lie, but sometimes we fail to understand everything they are trying to say. In this class, you'll learn ways to derive specific information and spiritual inspiration from every reading you perform.

Every tarot reading is unique, but all great tarot readings have some things in common. Great tarot readings give perspective on the past, present and future. In a great reading, we are able to assist with goal setting and strategy. We bring understanding and solutions to complex relationship dynamics. in a great reading, we make a psychic connection with our clients, and with their spiritual guardianship. We are able to find the spiritual message and opportunity for growth and healing in every situation.

If you are ready deliver a general reading that is anything but general, and find the answer to every question, and the question in every situation, this is the tarot class you need.

This class will cover the meditative and psychic techniques that create the sacred space and invoke the spiritual support necessary for a great tarot experience. You will learn interpretive techniques that allow you to give clarity, detail and insight in every reading. We'll also discuss ways to interact with the client and the cards that make each reading easy for you to give,and easy for the client to understand and utilize.

There is a "zone" that we find in a tarot reading where we become a clear conduit for inspired information. The techniques you will learn in this class will help you find that zone each and every time you pick up the cards, no matter how difficult the question or the client may be.

I've divided the "body" of a tarot reading into seven distinct parts, from the initial preparation of creating mindset and sacred space, to the final actionable steps that our clients can take forward.

I teach each part as an individual section, complete with homework and exercises to help you master all the skills of tarot reading.

I teach this class from a professional perspective. I refer to your querents as "clients". My goal is that each student will find something in this class that will help them expand their practice, their confidence and their skill. Whether or not you are a professional reader, or aspire to be, this class will help you step into your next level of tarot reading proficiency.

Your Instructor

Christiana Gaudet
Christiana Gaudet

Christiana Gaudet has been a full-time tarot professional for more than two decades. From her office in Palm City, Florida, she serves a world-wide clientele with readings, parties, classes and mentoring.

Over the years, Christiana has served as the Resident Psychic of more than 14 radio stations, and has been featured on Fox News and Inside Edition, as well as many local television news shows,

In 2008, Christiana received the title "Certified Tarot Grandmaster" from the Tarot Certification Board of America. In 2016 she was named "Tarosophist of the Year" by Tarosophy Tarot Association, the world's largest tarot organization.

Christiana's first book "Fortune Stellar" is a must-read for every aspiring tarot professional. An updated second edition of Fortune Stellar will be published in July 2017. An expanded edition of her second book, "Tarot tour Guide" will become available in October 2017.

A popular speaker at conferences and festivals,Christiana was honored to be a headliner at Florida Pagan Gathering Samhain 2016, and to assist in organzing TarotCon (Florida) 2015 and 2016.

Visit ChristianaGaudet.com to learn more!

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